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Pool Care Guide

Pool Maintenance & Care Tips from Pool Boys

Take care of your pool and it will provide you with enjoyable swimming year after year. Following the basics of proper filtration, chemical treatments, and up-keep on cleaning can be simple and easy to follow. This booklet will guide you step by step through pool start-up, to in-season care, to winter protection. It will also cover important tips on safety around the pool along with trouble shooting.

Sizing Your Pool

Filter Systems

There are mainly three basic filter types:

Sand, Cartridge, and Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Regardless of a pools plumbing design, all filters will perform the same job. Pool water is drawn from a drain or skimmer and pumped through a filter which removes the dirt, contaminants and algae that may enter your pool. You must operate your filter system AT LEAST 8-10 hours a day in order to remove the waste effectively. By filtering properly you can avoidbuild-up of contaminants and save on chemical costs. Protecting your filter system by adding the correct amount of sand or DE and cleaning your filter regularly by using a FILTER CLEANER to remove oils and other organics like lint and hair that can lodge in your filter are also  very important to the longevity of your equipment. Adding a CLARIFIER to  your system regularly also helps trap the finer particles that could pass though your filter system.

Water Balance 101

While your pool is designed to hold the same water year after year, it is highly recommended that draining a portion of your water every year helps to maintain healthier pool levels. While filtering is done every day, your water can drift out of balance and cause corrosion, scaling or evens stains. Understanding water balance and checking it often can easily prevent these problems from occurring. The main components of water testing are to check for PH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. While having a test kit at home  is very important and should be used at least weekly, it is recommended  that you bring a water sample in for us to test to get the most accurate readings possible along with our professional opinions on what to do to correct them if need be.

PH – Measures the acidity or alkalinity of pool water on a scale of 0-14. 0 being extremely acidic to 14 being an extreme alkali. The proper pH range if between 7.2-7.8. Readings higher that 7.8 will lead to cloudy water and scaling and can also cause algae to grow much faster, inefficient sanitizing and swimming discomfort. Readings lower than 7.2 can lead to corrosion of the equipment, heaters, ladders along with wrinkled vinyl liners and also swimmer discomfort. Using a PH DECREASER or PH INCREASER can fix these issues fairly quickly. Ask us  how to help with these products and we will be more than happy to assist you.

TOTAL ALKALINITY – Measures the level of certain minerals that help control your pH of your pool water. The proper range of Total Alkalinity is between 80-150ppm. Low Total Alkalinity allows the pH to bounce up and down and can make it difficult to stabilize. Having too much total alkalinity  (170-300ppm) increases your pH and can “lock” it so that you have to add muriatic acid or a pH DECREASER.


Chlorine stabilizer, Cyanuric Acid, or CYA is a chemical that helps your  chlorine last longer. It prevents ultra-violet (UV) rays from prematurely breaking down your sanitizer level of chlorine so it can stay in your water to do its job. It can reduce the consumption of chlorine by almost 50% and  needs to be added once a year or when you drain a significant amount of water if refilling is required. When adding stabilizer, it is important to NOT backwash for AT LEAST 24 hours after. It is also important to know that adding too much stabilizer can cause what is known as a “chlorine lock” where the chlorine will stop working. So, maintaining a proper amount of CYA in your pool is something you should let us measure with a water sample in our store.


While we all know that chlorine is major chemical in the pool industry, whether you choose to use granular, tablets, or liquid chlorine there are
other alternatives. We highly suggest you talk to our professionals in the store regarding what might work best for you. Pristine Blue is a great
alternative that uses copper to prevent the growth of algae. When mixed with an oxidizer or chlorine to sanitize, Pristine Blue can really save you time and money. Shocking your pool is probably one of the most important things you MUST do WEEKLY. Raising your chlorine level to overcome your contaminants for a period of 12-24 hours should be done overnight while running your filter system continuously. When should you shock your pool? After using it with a lot of people or if you notice a change in the clarity of  your water to avoid it getting too bad, which is why a weekly regiment is highly suggested.


Algaecides are excellent treatments to kill and prevent algae growth when  used with chlorine. Think of it as an insurance policy killing algae spores as they enter your pool. Rain, wind, and dust all contribute to algae spores entering your water and with warm water and sunlight they can grow rapidly. They can appear in many colors from green, brown, black or mustard… even pink. If this occurs, please bring in a water sample and pictures for us to help alleviate this before it becomes overwhelming.

Safety Rules

Your pool will bring years of safe and enjoyable swimming if you follow some of these simple rules:
No running, pushing, or foolish play in or near the pool.
No diving in shallow or unmarked pools.
Children must be supervised at all times.
Safety fencing should be added (check local building codes)
Keep a first aid kit manual, a life ring, and a pole on site at all times.
Safe handling of chemicals should also be the rule.
Chlorine products emit gas and should never be opened indoors to avoid breathing in the fumes.
Read all directions and warning labels on products.
Do not mix chemicals.
Never add water to chemicals, always add chemicals to water.
Do not take advice from anyone other than professionals.
Store chemicals in a cool, dry place and AWAY FROM CHILDREN

Opening to Closing Pools… We do it all!

Depending on the type of pool whether it be an above-ground or in-ground, there are many factors that go into properly setting up or breaking down your equipment. With the Pool Boys service team, we are available for any and all your service needs, and  we are always here to help 7 Days a Week! Cleaning services are also available on a  weekly to monthly basis at affordable rates that can’t be beat! Visit our store and speak with one of our specialists today about setting up an appointment to have any services  done. Each client’s pool is different from the next and we treat each one as if it were our own. Our retail store has many components to assist you in opening and closing  your pool from the chemicals needed to the covers, from parts to toys and everything in between.

Need a new pump or filter? Robotic cleaner so you don’t have to clean the pool yourself? We have it all! Follow us on Facebook to stay informed on sales, info regarding weather,  clearance items and so much more! Become a loyalty member and stay connected  with us for even more savings every time you stop in and purchase all your pool needs.

There’s just so many reasons why The Pool Boys are always by your side!

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